A Princess’s Future

Now that my beautiful little girl is home we are adapting to a normal life of being at home together as mother & daughter. I want to capture all of our experiences and adventures that we set out on (oxygen bottle in tow!) to make sure I never forget her huge love for life & cheeky personality.

Hopefully it will also help show that a baby on oxygen is really not that scary at all!!

When Gwendolyn came home in November she weighed a huge (to me) 7lbs 11oz.  At first the oxygen took a bit of getting used to, having to always have her plugged in.  I would joke that I envied other mums being able to walk from one room to another with baby on hip, whereas I would have to put Gwen down.  Good for her getting used to mummy putting her down but really not so good when it came to the ‘witching hour’ & her not wanting to be left at all.

As we head out on our adventures to date, I should introduce you to Lamby.  Lamby is a little lamb who has been with Gwen from day one & so has enormous sentimental value – whilst also being a handy measure to compare her size! One other thing to bear in mind is that I will always refer to her ‘corrected age’ as that’s where we’d hope that she would be developmentally.  If you want to know how old she is from her actually ‘birth date’ – simply add 14 weeks!

IMG_0080 Gwendolyn settling in at home 3 days after discharge, aged 5 weeks –  becoming somewhat of a cheeky monkey already!


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