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Snowflakes and daffodils is not only about telling my little family’s story but also about capturing its future. By telling our story I hope to share an experience that is not generally talked about and very rarely has a successful outcome. In capturing our future I hope to provide inspiration and support to other families out there that life can be ‘normal’, even when you’ve been dealt (what appears to be) a rather unfair hand.

I’m not a professional writer or mum by any standards.  I’m 32 years old, a first time mum and have had a career in the RAF for 13 years – until now. I grew up in Wales (hence the daffodils), enjoy anything in the great outdoors, love gardening and cooking, socialising and in what spare time I have I’m studying for a degree in Environmental Studies with the OU.

Many friends have told me I should write a book after the past year, particularly as I kept a diary through the ’emotional part’.  After thinking about this ( & realising I very much wanted to) I also realised that a book takes time and doesn’t necessarily provide ‘out there, real time’ support for people that may find themselves in a similar pickle.  That and I’m somewhat of a prevaricator when I have ‘work’ to do.  And I want to help other people as in the past year there have been times that I’ve never felt more alone and unable to find anyone in a similar situation.  So here goes the blog. It may be all over the place and not in a logical order, but we’ll get there in the end.

Our story starts with girl meets boy, they fall in love, they get a dog (at her insistence), a year later he wants his own dog, they get married, move into their first house, she falls pregnant.  And then it all starts going a bit wrong.

Snowflake is our little girl.  And I promise you.  There is a happy future to this story. We’re just taking our time getting there.

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