Pregnancy – PPROM

To set the scene we found out that we were expecting, 5 weeks and 2 days after our New year ski holiday – hence the nickname of Snowflake.  We hadn’t been ‘trying’ but hadn’t been ‘trying not to’ for a while so it was a shock to both of us but a wonderful surprise.  Straight away we decided not to tell anyone, not until I’d checked with the doctor that the medication I was on was unlikely to cause any problems with the baby. But I was pregnant and so so happy.

Unfortunately my pregnancy would only last 6 months and I can say that without a doubt, 8 weeks & 3 days of that 6 months were hell and was (at the time) the scariest period of my life.

At 17 weeks & 4 days I succumbed to EPPROM. Extremely Preterm Premature (≤24 weeks) Rupture of the Membranes.  Essentially my waters broke.  I couldn’t find anyone to speak to online or offline in the UK that had been through this, which is the main reason I wanted to write this blog. Just incase there’s anyone else going through the same thing. I would never be able to talk through the next few months of what happened in one go and do it justice, so instead I’ll work through a bit at a time.  I kept a diary from the moment my waters went so much of what follows will be excerpts from that.  There will be some emotional posts so please bear in mind that there is a happy outcome at the end of all of this!

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