Happy New Year to all – reasons to be cheerful

As 2016 draws to a close, everyone is talking about what a horrific year it has been and how many losses everyone has suffered. It has truly been an awful year for many of our friends and family.  Just within our family we’ve lost 3 family members physically, watched as my mother broke her back and then nearly lost her. Psychologically we’ve watched as we’ve lost other friends and family to depression or upset. Jon spent 5 months away from us deployed. Then the worst for us was, when we nearly lost Gwendolyn in December as we watched her lungs collapse and her back on 100%  O2 and hearing the words ‘we don’t know what to do’ from her Doctors.  I’ve now had to suspend my studies at Oxford as Gwendolyn’s lungs are too fragile for nursery and her immune system wiped out. And that’s just us! Not even touching on wider politics or personalities!

But today, when we were talking about what the end of 2016 might mean, I started to list all the positives because I refuse to believe that 2016 could only be a negative year – written off and sent to the back of the wardrobe.

So as many people celebrate 2016 being done and finished and wanting to forget it, we’ll also be raising a glass to be thankful for 2016 as it’s all the horrible times that have made us who we are, whether people like it or not.

2016 Reasons to be cheerful:

Flower Girl

  1. Gwendolyn lived!
  2. We watched as new friends made in PICU watched their own children recover.
  3. My best friend got married and Gwendles got to be flower girl!
  4. We visited the Falklands to see Daddy and Gwendles got to have her first trip in a helicopter and see wild penguins.
  5. Gwendles & I got to visit Canada to see Laura which was amazing (future lifeguard water baby in the making).
  6. Jon was promoted so we’re able to stay in our new cottage with all 3 of us living together for another 2 years.
  7. Another pair of really good friends got married (and in Westminster Abbey so very cool)
  8. I graduated from the Open University with a BSc Honours.
  9. Jon got his civilian flying licence.
  10. I got into Oxford (big yay!!) and successfully
    completed the first term – making some incredible friends on the way.
  11. Every step of the way this year, with every ‘step backwards’ or difficulty we’ve had,
    we’ve seen what amazing and incredible friends we have.
  12. I learnt to knit. (& Jon crochet but not sure if that’s a positive thing yet…)
  13. Some very good friends got engaged!
  14. We’ve gained a new family member!
  15. Lots of amazing things that will happen to us and friends in 2017 will have started in 2016.
  16. And because it needs to be listed twice… a month ago we thought we were losing our daughter BUT we DIDN’T and she was home for Christmas.


I hope everyone manages to find a reason to celebrate this year because this year is what will make next
year even better 😉  And let’s face it, we’re all probably due a lottery win now… (Apart from Andy Murray maybe as he’s had a pretty awesome year).

Happy New Year Everyone xxx


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