First Post!

My first ever blog post! As I was debating what to write I tried to work out where I was this time last year and realised I’d known I was pregnant for about 3 weeks and had had it confirmed by the doctor, I was all in the clear with medication I’d been taking for my migraines before knowing I was pregnant and Jon had just returned from detachment. Oh my gosh what a difference a year makes! ┬áThis evening I’m sitting here with a beautiful 13lb 11oz (weigh in day yesterday) little girl fast asleep upstairs, oxygen cannula taped to her nose (as she loves pulling her prongs out at night), watching GBBO and trying to work out what I want to do for a career change – all while some sweet potatoes are cooking ready for mashing for weaning!! ┬áSo to avoid muddling up the story I won’t mix present with past and instead just hope that this blog is helpful for someone out there and that people find it interesting!