Rucksack Doggy Walks

Last weeks purchase was a new rucksack.  My hubby LOVES gadgets & as he doesn’t need anymore (or allowed anymore) it means that baby gadgets are in.  When he’s been away so far I’ve been walking the furkids with the pram, but as doggy mums know, that makes it quite restrictive with regards to where you can go – even with a robust pram! Gwen’s head control is now good enough for her to go into a rucksack.  Fortunately rather than chucking her in any old rucksack, hubby relished the opportunity to do some ‘gadget research’.  Cue our new Osprey monster.  It does mean I can now do longer doggy walks a bit more off piste (all part of the get fit again plan) & we took adventure of some sun last week & trialled it in walking across the fields to the pub (as you do).  Jon has achieved gadget success but a chubby baby & an oxygen cylinder are quite heavy when you haven’t carried a rucksack in at least a year! She seems to love it, tends to have a good look around before falling asleep & snoring in my ear for the next 30 minutes. With this extra spring burst of walking exercise, I’m not quite sure why I chose this week, to try a buggy friendly exercise class as well. This evening kneeling down for bath time & getting back up again was seriously emotional!!!  Jon’s away for a couple of weeks so any way of getting out & about in the fresh air is appreciated.  I do wish spring would arrive though – I want to get rid of all the horrible bugs so we can try & start weaning Gwen’s oxygen!!

Rucksack tastic

My little Daffodil

So the past couple of days have been quite busy, with weaning in full swing & Daddy being home.  On Sunday Gwendolyn had her first roast lamb dinner ‘a la puree’, although I think she was somewhat distracted by having a grown up meal at the table with Mummy & Daddy being joined by her ‘Pops’ (Grandpa) & Uncle Matthew. We did make sure that she was suitably dressed up for the day & she made quite a cute daffodil!  Monday we took advantage of Daddy being home to have a little family day out to Cotswold Wildlife Park.  I was definitely glad to not be one of the mums who was having to explain that some of the animals were ‘cuddling’ each other because it was cold…

I forget a lot of the time about the Gwendolyn being on oxygen & it’s only really when you’re sat in a big cafe full of different people that keep looking over at you, watching you feed your little girl pureed sweet potato, that you remember that it’s not the norm. I know people don’t stare out of malice but it definitely takes some getting used to! Maybe I should get a sign made up explaining what’s wrong with her.  Some people do make me laugh though.  I had one lovely old dear come up to me last week & ask “what are there tubes in her nose dear?”.  I didn’t laugh. Much!