Helping Babies – One challenge at a time!

So being that I love to keep myself moderately busy – ok ridiculously busy. I decided earlier in the year that I wanted to raise money for Bliss and SSNAP (the John Radcliffe baby unit) & came up with the silly idea of doing a triathlon.  But being that I like to do things a little differently (or because I’m insane if you ask the people that know me well!) I thought that just a triathlon wasn’t hard enough so we’d make it a 179 mile triathlon along Offa’s Dyke which has a ridiculous number of hills involved. Oh & we’re only giving ourselves 6 days to do it. And we’ll be camping (because having a good nights sleep in-between would just make it too easy!).  I’m hoping that if I can show a fraction of Gwendolyn’s determination we’ll complete it all on time, without breaking ourselves (I’m slightly dubious about this one) and raise a lot of money for both charities to help support other parents that are going through what we went through & to help provide much needed equipment for the baby unit.

Jon & Gwendolyn will be support team (I think a lot of the funny updates will mainly be about Jon coping with moving the tent, looking after Gwendolyn & both dogs) and my brother, Robert, has been roped in to run it with me! I’ve spent the last 4 months training whenever I can, running with Gwendolyn (who thinks watching me push her uphill is hilarious) Gwen laughing - trg

So please if you have 2 minutes, have a look at our fundraising page and if you can spare just a few pennies it will go a long way to helping parents and poorly babies alike. In the meantime I will try & provide entertainment in the form of trying to complete 179 miles in one piece!!!

Jon & Gwendles Uniform

My very smart looking support team (pre challenge of course)!

Gwendolyn giving me a hand with my training

Gwendolyn giving me a hand with my training